She’s voting yes for fund

I’m quite surprised at the lack of “yes” votes for the Sinking Fund. I understand that there’s not a lot of want to raise taxes, however, we have to take care of our schools. Lake Orion has already voted down a couple of proposals and millages that would have attended to the specific needs of our school system. People need to understand that there is no “rainy day” money left to pull from other budgets. That was never the way it should have been done in the first place. The money had to come from somewhere, though, since the great citizens of Lake Orion weren’t going to supply it purposefully. Now, the buildings are falling into disrepair and are becoming severely outdated. Roofs and HVAC systems need to fixed or replaced, as well as the floors and security systems. I, for one, can attest to the need of a new parking lot at Webber. It is nothing short of a nightmare. If we would like to remain a top school district, we need to give our kids healthy, safe, and functional buildings in which to learn.
I cannot wrap my head around how there is even a pause for consideration. I see these lower income districts voting “Yes” to better their schools, while higher income areas are voting “No.” It’s beyond my understanding. You have zero room for anger if you’re voting “no” and conditions deteriorate further and the children end up in cold, leaky, shoddy buildings. The funds generated from your tax dollars will actually really go to the school district for very specific purposes. Won’t it be nice to see your tax dollars at work for something that is tangible and truly beneficial to the community and it’s future? Don’t vote “No” just because of the idea of your taxes going up a smidgen. Don’t vote “No” because you think the money might wander off to something else. It absolutely has to go to this specific fund. Let’s take care of our buildings and, in turn, our children.
Lyndsay Lawless

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  1. Ask Rick Snyder and the Republicans why public schools aren’t being funded adequately. Their agenda is Vouchers and Charter Schools. Also in case your not aware the population in Lake Orion is getting older. I’d say almost half the folks in my neighborhood are retired. In his infinite wisdom Rick Snyder began taxing their pensions so maybe they thought ‘enough is enough’.

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