Join resident with vote for Donni

I never made a public endorsement so please consider this one. I met Donni Steele about eight years ago when we both joined the safety path committee at the same time. She was a true joy to work with even when our opinions or directions were different. She flattered me this past year by revealing she really respected my views and took them into consideration during our tenure together and then in her four term as trustee. Apparently my suggestions evolved her outlook. Wow! She listens to others and doesn’t just stick with her own agenda.

Most of all she has been very involved with Township business while also investing in real estate projects and parenting kids in our district. She is extremely professional and doesn’t waste time on the sidelines; it is all about getting it done! Please join me and vote for Donni Steele, a very genuine person and intelligent hard worker.

Heather Muzzy


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