Donni asks for your vote

I’m Donni Steele and I’m asking for your vote for Treasurer Aug 2nd . I have been a current Orion Township Trustee since 2012 and have served on the following committees: Brown Road Corridor Improvement Authority (Secretary), Polly Ann Trail Management Council (Secretary), Paint Creek Trailways Commission (Treasurer), Orion Community Cable Communications Commission (Deputy Treasurer), Oakland County Chapter of the Michigan Township Association (Treasurer) and member of the Safety Path Committee since 2008 (past Chairperson and Secretary).

Recently I have visited over 8,000 homes in our community (with family & friends which I am grateful for) and I appreciate the community’s support and welcoming you’ve given me. I have listened to your concerns, suggestions, hundreds of good ideas and I respect your opinions.

As your Treasurer, I pledge to have a transparent Department that will work efficiently and effectively with other departments. In the first thirty days I plan on strengthening internal controls, optimize available banking services, integrate and update our software, revamp the cash handling policy, utilize two computer screens, offer better avenues to sell our obsolete equipment, place our quarterly reports on Orion’s website and work more cohesively with Oakland County Treasurer’s Department.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you with my full ability and I will always greet you with a smile on my face.

Please vote for me Aug 2nd.

Donni Steele

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