Resident questions the need for roundabouts

Why do we need traffic circles on Baldwin Road? Because they’re fashionable??
Recently, I’ve conducted business with small business owners along Baldwin Road. The stories I’ve heard are very disappointing. One owner who has been in business for decades on Baldwin has only been offered a rather small amount and only for the building and property. He was offered nothing for his reputation, for goodwill, or the income potential of his business. He also brought up a good point about access to Baldwin from small side streets if the traffic is constantly moving due to the circles with no stops for lights.
I’m told that Gingellville will essentially be eradicated. Not a desirable outcome, to be sure.
Why not just introduce a left turn lane instead of the roundabouts? Seems to me it would be a lot less costly for all kinds of reasons. And Gingellville will be preserved.

Tom Rawski
Lake Orion resident

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