Reminder to Vote

All registered Orion Township voters need to cast their votes on Tuesday, August 2. Residents are encouraged to study the candidates, and review their work record. In doing so, I believe the performance of Donni Steele as current Trustee, has proven her commitment to serve the community as the new Orion Township Treasurer. Her slogan […]

Supportive of police, fire, schools

Lake Orion is the perfect place to raise a family. We have beautiful lakes and parks, a vibrant and active small business community, brave and committed police officers and firefighters, and award-winning schools! For these reasons, I’m voting yes on the upcoming police and fire millages and the LOCS building and site fund. Let’s keep […]

They support the Sinking Fund

We choose to live in Lake Orion because of the schools, the recreation opportunities, and the small-town feeling with abundant big-town ammenities. When we go to vote on Aug. 2nd, we will be voting YES on the Sinking Fund proposal. Strong Schools = Strong Community. We vote YES with confidence because LOCS has received accolades […]

A vote for Penny

A wonderful advocate for Orion Township. She accomplishes everything she does with a level of integrity that is refreshing and her experience as Clerk is exceptional. I’ve watched her achieve amazing things for our Township and she strives to continually educate herself to be the best Clerk for all of us. Go Penny Shults! Julie […]

Resident says NO to Sinking Fund

I would like to remind residents of the recent school bond funding proposals presented to voters. In 2011 a $22.5 Mil. bond was rejected. In 2012, the school spent $3.5 from their general fund to cover essential items of the $22.5 request, which would imply they had a remaining wish list of $19 Mil. Surprise, […]

Resident supporting Kent

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because I know him to be an honest, kind, self-sacrificing individual who has already given much to our community. During my time as president of the Lake Orion Rotary Club, I could always count on Joe to help out with fundraisers, road clean-up, whatever was needed. Joe […]

Sinking Fund is a necessity

I am voting yes on the sinking fund. I am usually a no vote on these issues. This time, however, I am a yes man. The concerns I have with huge sums of monies getting lost in a vast government bureaucracy have been eased by the money being raised, spent and controlled locally. The need […]

Sinking Fund important for our kids

As a parent, it is common to ask your child how their day at school went. It is disheartening when the first thing they tell you is they had to sit next to the trash can because the roof was leaking. It is also not good to hear that the LOCS Board has to fund […]

He’s voting for Zielinski

I grew up in Lake Orion and attended Lake Orion High School, Class of 1993. I’ve known Jenn Zielinski for approx 25 years. She is a stand up citizen with exceptional morals and values. She is very intelligent and would bring a new energy to the clerk’s office. I have no doubt that her professional […]

Resident supports Sinking Fund

I am writing to you in SUPPORT of the Sinking Fund for Lake Orion Schools that will be on the ballot on August 2 nd . I write to you as a long time, proud member of this community and as a home owner who understands how important great schools are to our home values. […]

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