Resident disturbed by ‘harmful’ letter previously published

I am deeply disturbed that The Lake Orion Review permitted Gregory Weddle’s commentary to be printed regarding the Human Rights Ordinance the Village has been considering.
As someone who is privileged to have friends that are gay right here in Lake Orion, I was outraged by Mr. Weddle’s hurtful and harmful comments that were not only inaccurate but also unwarranted.
I know of no “militant” LGBT activists in our community.
I further know of no LGBT individuals or allies in Lake Orion that want to see any business go under. There is so much more I want to address about his article that is disturbing.
However, what is wanted with the Human Rights Ordinance is that the message be sent that the Village is a welcoming and inclusive place that treats everyone fairly regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.
If Michigan provided the proper protection for this like they do for everyone else in our state under Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1976, this would not even need to be discussed.
Michigan is on the wrong side of history with how badly we treat those who are LGBT by allowing the discrimination they endure to continue.
Currently, 40 communities in Michigan have Human Rights Ordinances in place providing protection to roughly 2,000,000 people.
The friends that I am speaking on behalf of are very good people. They are productive members of our community and are all on the right side of the law. They do not deserve the hurt that this has caused.
By allowing this to be printed you are contributing to the discrimination and safety issues that these people live with daily.
I cannot believe that you would have ever permitted a reader commentary like that to be printed if someone was saying hateful things about another’s race would you?
I am quite certain you would not.
Allowing it to be written against the LGBT community lacks of your professional integrity and poor judgement.
However, in the Briefs section of the paper you identify that a meeting at the Village Offices to discuss the ordinance will be held and you direct people to Mr. Weddle’s commentary for more information.
That is simply unacceptable and showed a complete lack of being unbiased on the part of The Lake Orion Review.
An apology is owed.
Lisa Goyette
Lake Orion resident

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