Consider the consequences of Human Rights Ordinance

For those who are considering the ‘Human Rights Ordinance’ in our community please be aware that there are unintended consequences playing out across this country.
I understand that there are good, reasonable people on both sides of this issue but what concerns me are the militant LGBT activists who are now using these laws to persecute and often bankrupt good family businesses. Florists, bakers, photographers and caterers who have gracefully given good service to both gay and straight alike but whose conscience will not allow them to celebrate a gay wedding and even Christian bookstore owners are targets of what has been rightly termed “The Gay Mafia.” To the intolerant gay activist this is the unforgivable sin.
If anyone doubts that there are militant members of the LGBT community just search “gay pride” on YouTube and let them introduce themselves.
Many studies of this sub-culture have been done and at least 25 percent are involved in the promiscuous gay bar, anonymous partner lifestyle and often have had hundreds of partners.
One can find online an old issue of the Canton Observer regarding the trial of 31 men who were arrested for having public sex in two raids at the I-275 mens rest area bathroom back when the mainstream media still felt an obligation to report the news rather than censor and package it. The judge goes on to say that in a six year period there had been 400 – 500 arrests for this activity at the same rest area. This same thing happens at the I-75 Holly rest area and bathrooms and parks and all over the Tri-County area.
If I read this ordinance correctly, a family renting their duplex or perhaps even a room if economic necessity drives them to that; could be legally liable if they refuse to rent a room to someone because they are a self declared member of this sub-culture? These laws trump the freedom of association whereas people of like values have the right to hang together; an old and cherished American value.
This is a compulsion and does not have anything to do with natural affection. Every serious study concludes that this is chosen behavior. I will not say that it is necessarily unnatural. But neither is fornication and adultery. There are things that men are tempted to but should be resisted for the good of themselves, the family, the community and the nation. To encourage these activities by law is to self-destruct on so many levels.
Now it is on all the gay websites as a welcome place for their anonymous hookups and in some case actually describing the bathroom facilities. Will Lake Orion be considered a welcoming enough place when our parks and bathrooms make it to these web sites? Heaven forbid.
Gregory Weddle
Lake Orion resident

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