RCOC reminds motorists not to veer for deer

Michigan’s firearm deer season began on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is using this time to push its Don’t Veer for Deer message. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, Oakland County had the highest number of vehicle-deer crashes in 2015 of any county in the state […]

Residents get help for swan with embedded fishing lure

On Tuesday, November 1, Lake Orion resident Joann Oinas Sabada posted a picture on Facebook’s Lake Orion Chat of a Mute Swan with a huge fishing lure imbedded in his beak on Buckhorn Lake, near Lapeer and Clarkston roads. The swan and his mate are decade-old residents of the lake and residents wanted to help. […]

Down Ballot Elections Are Important

If you do not like the choices for President at the top of your ballot, you can simply abstain there and continue down the ballot making choices that will impact our local community.  I feel lucky to personally know four people who I can support for seats on the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of […]

Reelect Birgit McQuiston for LO School Board

Please join me in reelecting Birgit McQuiston as a member of the Lake Orion School Board on November 8. Having been engaged in various activities with Birgit over the last 4 years, I know she is extremely capable of dealing with the complexities of the current school financial issues, as well as navigating toward the […]

Please Vote– -Your Future is in your HANDS!

I, like most of you have been watching the upcoming election. Aside from its entertainment and shock value, it has been a disgraceful embarrassment and I can understand why people are so disillusioned in voting. I’m writing this letter not because I am a candidate, but because I’m actually, for the first time in my […]

Resident finds local election more inspiring than national one

The national political scene has been a big headache, but I’m pleased that our local election here in Lake Orion is far more inspiring. We have some terrific candidates running for office this year, people that I am proud to support. For the school board – incumbents Scott Taylor and Birgit McQuiston have shown the […]

Mermell would be great addition to LO School Board

I have known Dana Mermell for many years and she will definitely make a great addition to the Lake Orion School Board. Dana is an excellent communicator, able to drill down to the facts, and believes in accountability and transparency. Additionally, Dana is a mom to both a 1st grader and a child entering kindergarten […]

Birgit McQuiston gives 110%

I am writing today to voice my support of Birgit McQuiston for re election to the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education. I have known Birgit for the last 6 years. My introduction to her was during the formation of Blessings in a Backpack Lake Orion. I knew moments after I met her that […]

Mermell is part of common thread to knit community together

I’m voting for Dana Mermell for Lake Orion School Board. When I first met Dana at the Orion Township Public Library I was a new mother, new to Lake Orion. I was immediately drawn to Dana’s vivacious personality. She graciously invited me to join a children’s playgroup with fellow new Lake Orion moms. It was […]

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