Resident not comfortable with ‘kinda’ reference

On the front page of the Sept. 7, 2016 Review this quote appeared. “With class back in session this week, the LO school district faces some ongoing challenges,including managing the recently voted in sinking fund, potential school closings and redistricting.”
Please tell me this is NOT what I just read..Now, (after the election of course, that was a giant veiled scare tactic) the district is going to have to figure out how to spend all the money they were voted in? I think a new roof on the high school would be the priority here,and the boiler you said was only $10,000.
The ballot proposal included a detailed plan for “how” the money was to be spent (incl. bathroom updates in almost all schools) and now they are going to decide “how” to spend that 35 million dollars in taxes? Excuse me–where are the emperor’s clothes?
When are the people going to get some accountability from you Ms Ginopolis? We need to SEE in writing, the plan for spending this tax money. It comes out of our pockets, and into an entity that now has to “figure out” how to spend it? “We are going to take some of that money earmarked for improvements and add it to the district fund balance.” That was not part of the plan we all saw. It said nothing about increasing that.
And what 2016 Superintendent anywhere in the country uses words like “that’s kinda what I mean?” Define “kinda” for us Ms. Ginopolis. Do we “kinda” teach our children reading and math? Did we “kinda” just vote you a whopping raise? Did we “kinda” just vote in a blank check for you to spend as you want and direct? ( I think there is a School Board involved here somewhere that we voted in to office- who needs to say out loud what is going on here!) I personally don’t “kinda think” anything. Either I think something, or I do something. Or I wait and ask the people who know more about something than I do. Then I make an informed decision for the good of all involved. I’m not sure what you are “kinda” doing. Or “kinda”not doing. Or “kinda” doing without some accountability.
And why did we spend all that money on Plante Moran to make a future needs plan when we have some very intelligent people here in Lake Orion? We have astute business people here in Lake Orion who make long range plans for their businesses all the time. They are not good enough to assist the overall good of our community in making a plan?
How much was that plan again? What did we pay for that study? Where did that money come from?
People of Lake Orion Schools…WAKE UP! ASK the difficult questions. And then ask them again and again, until the truth shows itself. Alternatively, just keep paying taxes and pretend it’s all fine.
Peggy Barry Bartz
Lake Orion resident

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  1. Mari-Ann Henry   September 22, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    A total lack of accountability is why I urged people to vote no. They didn’t listen. And now we have a superintendent who thinks she’s got nearly $40Million to spend on whatever she “kinda” thinks she needs at the moment. They “might” close a school, they “might not” close a school. They “may” make the cuts they promised, they “may not” make any cuts. They “may” follow the plan paid for by the taxpayers, they “may not” follow the plan paid for taxpayers. And there’s not a darned thing we can do about it for 10 years.


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