Words and actions have consequences

Those marches a few weeks ago are a good example of that. Those people have the right to speak their minds with or without a gag order. It’s called the First Amendment. They also have the right to “choose” – that’s called “Freedom of Choice”, another one our rights. No man has the right to […]

Some Things To Ponder

Some Things To Ponder The holidays are over and now we are settling into the throes of winter. As such, here are some things to ponder: Predictions for weather have been ominous, with brutal cold and lots of snow. So far those predictions have not materialized, at least not here in Michigan. Temperatures have been […]

Faith in Action Oakland takes to the dance floor

Dancing with the Stars event was a hot, entertaining event for a great cause that took place at the San Marino Club in Troy Jan. 21. Representing for Lake Orion as a local celebrity, I won the People’s Choice Award. This is awarded to the dancer that raised the most money for Faith in Action […]

A shovelful of reminiscences and lessons

Ah, another Michigan winter is upon us, courtesy of Sunday’s storm that left all of us, I’m sure, looking out our windows and feeling like we were part of a Norman Rockwell painting. Most people complain that our state has only two seasons (winter and orange barrel). Perhaps it’s the brown slush, wet feet, skyrocketing […]

Thank you from CJ’s

Thanksgiving Dinner was great, it was a very festive day and a good time was had by all. We’d like to thank: our employees and loyal customers, The Lake Orion Lions Club, Hollywood Markets, Caramagno Foods, Del Bene Produce, Tom Stefanek Dist., Leonard’s Syrup, Sams Club, International Baking Co., Lake Orion Firefighters Association, Midwest Linen, […]

Enough Already! Shut Up!

I still hear unkind things being said about President Barrack Obama and former Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton. Well, to those doing the criticizing I say Obama and Clinton have made it to the White House — twice — which is more than any of you. None of you could make it to the […]

RCOC reminds motorists not to veer for deer

Michigan’s firearm deer season began on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is using this time to push its Don’t Veer for Deer message. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, Oakland County had the highest number of vehicle-deer crashes in 2015 of any county in the state […]

Residents get help for swan with embedded fishing lure

On Tuesday, November 1, Lake Orion resident Joann Oinas Sabada posted a picture on Facebook’s Lake Orion Chat of a Mute Swan with a huge fishing lure imbedded in his beak on Buckhorn Lake, near Lapeer and Clarkston roads. The swan and his mate are decade-old residents of the lake and residents wanted to help. […]

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