Some Things To Ponder

Some Things To Ponder
The holidays are over and now we are settling into the throes of winter. As such, here are some things to ponder:
Predictions for weather have been ominous, with brutal cold and lots of snow. So far those predictions have not materialized, at least not here in Michigan. Temperatures have been 10-15 degrees higher than normal for this time of the year. Good for us outside runners – bad for skiers. But it is still early and winter weather woes are on the horizon!
Michigan legislators just approved an increase in the speed limit to 75 miles per hour on certain highways. Anyone who has driven our highways knows that the increased speed, and even higher, has been in existence for years! What’s the hurry!
Also, Michigan legislators, along with some other state lawmakers, want to eliminate Daylight Saving Time. The theory is that parents with young children don’t like it and farmers are against it because it confuses the cattle and chickens. My answer: don’t tell the animals and darken the rooms for children.
Super Bowl LI (or for those of us who are not into Roman numerals – Super Bowl 51) will be Feb. 5. The Falcons will compete against the Patriots who have been at this event multiple times. And it will be interesting to see NFL Commissioner Roger Göodell give the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy to Tom Brady, especially after their public feud over “deflate gate.” Should be an interesting event. Do you have your snacks yet?
Bad year so far for Michigan sports teams. The Lions lost in the first round of the playoffs – the Red Wings and Pistons may not make the playoffs – and Michigan and Michigan State basketball teams are on the bubble in so far as making the NCAA basketball tournament. Fans are not happy.
And the Michigan football team announced that they will be traveling to Rome for spring practice. Is the grass greener there or are the pizzas tastier? Sounds like a huge expense!
So, as I am pondering all these issues, I hope all Lake Orion Review readers are well and enjoying the New Year!
Bill Kalmar
Lake Orion resident

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