Resident asks for assistance in gathering Camp Agawam history

In anticipation of the Centennial of Camp Agawam next year, I was asked to do some research into the history of the camp. I’ve finished one major part of it (digital archives of The Lake Orion Review), so I need to move on. It’s funny, because having read all these old articles, I want it to run in the East Orion/Elkhorn Lake column, but that hasn’t existed for years. Anyway, here’s what I have come up with.
Have you camped at Camp Agawam? Have you staffed at Camp Agawam? Have you otherwise worked or volunteered at Camp Agawam? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we need your help!
We are gathering information on the history of Camp Agawam. We need personal stories and anecdotes about outstanding camping weekends, burnt meals, awe-inspiring council fires, and all the fish that got away! Who was your buddy when you flipped the canoe during the merit badge class? Who was the Scoutmaster that made you want to do better next time? Who was the Staffer that helped you finally tie that one knot?
We are also looking to locate artifacts and memorabilia from the Camp. These would definitely be for photographing, but possibly for a future (temporary) display.
If you are willing to donate your stories (printed, or simply talking into a recorder), or even helping to gather all this, please contact us at Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Tom Houlihan
Troop 128 Scoutmaster

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