Change in Police Dispatching Service for the Lake Orion Police Department

Lake Orion Village Community,
Currently, if you are a village resident or calling from inside a village business and you call 911 or call the 10-digit non-emergency telephone number, 248-693-8321, to summon a LOPD Officer, Fire Department or Ambulance, your call is answered at the Oxford Police Department 911 Center.
Effective at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, the Oxford 911 center is closing their police dispatching operations.
The Lake Orion Police Department has contracted 911, and non-emergency call-taking and police dispatching services with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center, becoming effective at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30.
If you have an emergency, you will call 911 the same as always.To request a Lake Orion Police Officer to respond to a non-emergency, you may continue to use the existing Lake Orion Police Department non-emergency telephone number at 248-693-8321.
It will answer at the OCSO Dispatch Center instead of the Oxford Police Dispatch Center.
If you have informational requests, such as for copies of police reports, other records, or to speak with the LOPD Clerk, or to speak with an officer, you may call the Lake Orion Police Department Administration number directly at 248-693-8323.
Please know that this number will not be used for requests to have an officer dispatched to a scene, all requests for an officer response must be directed to the Dispatch Center at 248-693-8321.
There is no change in what anyone needs to do to report an emergency or non-emergency.
The only change is who answers the phone.
We thank the men and women of the Oxford Police Department Dispatch Center for their outstanding quality of service to the Lake Orion Police Department and our community.
We look forward to exceptional dispatching services with our new dispatching partners at the Oakland County Sheriff s Office.
If a resident or business owner as any questions, feel free to contact Chief Jerry Narsh at 248-693-8323.
Thank you Lake Orion community!
Jerry L. Narsh
Police Chief
Lake Orion Police Dept

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