Support for Joe Kent

In our office, we deal with the MI Treasury Dept. on an almost daily basis. These past few years, there have been seemingly nonsensical ways of dealing with the payment and assessing of taxes, especially with small businesses. Outdated systems, under-staffing of knowledgeable people, and a convoluted tax law puts the taxpayers in a quagmire of red tape and confusing methods with unfair practices.
We NEED to reform this department and the tax codes of Michigan. To do this, we need a State Rep who understands taxation, what needs to be fixed in the Treasury, and the best way to make it run smoothly. Joe Kent is the man that can get us started on this path of reform. With Joe’s background in taxation and small business, he has the knowledge and understanding of the necessary changes we need to make it easier for businesses and taxpayers to get correct and timely information. He will work for the taxpayers by eliminating redundancy and waste. And he will be ever mindful of your hard earned money.
I have known Joe for several years now. I know him to be passionate, honest, and a man of integrity. He is thoughtful and hard working. He truly listens while trying to understand your concerns. He will make a great State Rep! Vote for Joe Kent on Aug 2.
Mari-Ann Henry
Orion Township resident

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