Resident supporting Kent

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because I know him to be an honest, kind, self-sacrificing individual who has already given much to our community. During my time as president of the Lake Orion Rotary Club, I could always count on Joe to help out with fundraisers, road clean-up, whatever was needed. Joe has always been very supportive, active, and is a genuinely positive person to be around.
We need dependable people, like Joe, to represent us in Lansing. We need someone who understands what our community needs and is in tune to the problems facing our district. Joe has been hard at work on the campaign trail, talking to thousands of voters in our district to make sure is aware of the issues facing Lake Orion voters. Joe understands our frustrations and wants to use his financial experience to make government more efficient, lower taxes, and ensure our budget reflects our priorities. I’m thankful for the opportunity to support such a hardworking, dependable, and sincere candidate for state representative. Join me in voting for Joe Kent on August 2!
Catherine May
Lake Orion resident

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