Reminder to Vote

All registered Orion Township voters need to cast their votes on Tuesday, August 2. Residents are encouraged to study the candidates, and review their work record.
In doing so, I believe the performance of Donni Steele as current Trustee, has proven her commitment to serve the community as the new Orion Township Treasurer. Her slogan to be a “full time person for full time job” speaks volumes.
Donni is a lifelong resident of Orion, who has given volunteer service to the community in many ways. Now as Treasurer, she would like to put her financial experience to work as a public servant. A vote for Donni would put an accountable, responsible person in office overseeing the taxpayers hard-earned dollars.
Take time on on Tuesday, August 2nd to vote for Donni Steele, Orion Township Treasurer, and elect a qualified and dedicated leader.
Phyllis Schalk
Lake Orion resident

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