Resident finds local election more inspiring than national one

The national political scene has been a big headache, but I’m pleased that our local election here in Lake Orion is far more inspiring.
We have some terrific candidates running for office this year, people that I am proud to support.
For the school board – incumbents Scott Taylor and Birgit McQuiston have shown the kind of leadership and dedication that we need during these challenging financial times for our public schools. They were instrumental in getting the school bond passed this summer and are making the challenging decisions that will maintain our top-notch schools. Newcomers Nathan Butki and Dana Mermell were also leaders in the bond campaign and have shown the smarts and passion needed to keep LOCS great.
We’re also fortunate to have a fantastic candidate running for township trustee and that’s Ron Sliwinski. I’ve known Ron for many years and he’s not motivated by grandstanding and partisan politics like so many who run for local office. He simply loves Orion and wants to see the township thrive. He’s a hard worker and a tireless advocate for our community and will be an excellent local leader.
Jeffrey Faber
Lake Orion resident

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