Please Vote– -Your Future is in your HANDS!

I, like most of you have been watching the upcoming election. Aside from its entertainment and shock value, it has been a disgraceful embarrassment and I can understand why people are so disillusioned in voting.
I’m writing this letter not because I am a candidate, but because I’m actually, for the first time in my life, afraid of an election. I’ve been watching campaigns since 1968, and have been in eight previous elections, and as you can see I have not been successful. But I have done it with dignity and honor, the way it was supposed to be done.
Whether running for Mayor, County Commissioner, State or Federal government, our system was designed so that the people set the rules and the representatives take their voice and their concerns and what they want into a group setting with the representatives of other districts.
Most recently we have subsidized a small businessman who owns several flower shops, who also is a State Rep. We have a state senator whom, with all his time off has been seen by his neighbors packing up to move to Florida as soon as he is out of office. What’s really amazing about all this: both of these people voted for the Pension Tax, hitting the very people who could barely afford to live on their own and now they want to dip into their pockets deeper. When the aforementioned Senator retires and moves, he is moving to a state that does not have the so called Pension Tax (Florida), how ironic is that?
So where do we go from here? I’d like to share with you some thoughts and ideas with the hope that I can entice you to take the few minutes to go and vote and give these people a silent scream that you had enough, and you will be heard!
The basis of my campaign, which got me started in running, has always been “Who Works For Who?” I get sick and tired of politicians who talk down to me as if I was an idiot and made me feel like they were doing me some big favor representing me whether it be Detroit, Lansing, or Washington. I got to looking at the right side of my paycheck on a weekly basis and all that money that was going out that I could have used much better than they were using it, and they continue to ask for more. I got so angry that I said I’m going to do something about it and began to run for office. I have not been successful yet and that’s okay because I have learned a great deal.
Prioritize your reasons for voting. The number one reason is you, yourself. Look at how your life is, your wages, your surroundings, your home, your employment and future because these things have to work for you in order to function and prosper in the world.
Your family: not just your immediate family but your parents, siblings, and grand children because you want the best for them.
Your safety and well-being: these anxieties of which there are many put a great deal of pressure on us and what is so unfortunate is because supposedly sane educated people cannot sit in a room and collectively come up with a plan that will make their constituencies life better and more secure.
Political Parties: I have listened and found that neither party cares about the individual except that they need your vote in order to execute and accomplish what they want. If you believe in a party and what they are supposed to stand for that’s great, but that’s not what we see today. All the parties have had good ideals and intentions to make our state and country a better place; it just seems to have gotten lost in the pursuit of power and winning at all cost.
Your vote is very powerful for them to spend almost $3 billion dollars in this entire election. I believe that money could be used for better things if we would all just get out and make our voices heard. When you don’t like something, when you want to know something, when you need assistance, get on the phone and call them. If they put you off, as loud as you can whether you voted for them or not, remind them they are granted at the privilege to be a public servant for all the people in the district and they work for you.
The bottom line: you, the voter, are about to hire someone to represent your life, your family, your future. Your vote is that powerful: you decide who you want to put in that position. Even if it doesn’t come out the way you hope. We must keep this in mind in order to turn our government around, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

David Lillis
Lake Orion resident
Candidate for State Rep. 46th District

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