Reelect Birgit McQuiston for LO School Board

Please join me in reelecting Birgit McQuiston as a member of the Lake Orion School Board on November 8.

Having been engaged in various activities with Birgit over the last 4 years, I know she is extremely capable of dealing with the complexities of the current school financial issues, as well as navigating toward the best solution for our district.

Birgit is sensitive to the needs of the students and balances that well with what is best for the district.  She is extremely involved in district activities from the elementary to high school level and can be seen at many events keeping informed of what’s going on and learning more about what is needed.  She doesn’t make decisions in a vacuum, evaluating all sides and paying attention to the details.

In fact, “attention to detail” should be her middle name!  When asked why run again for the seat, she quickly responds, “I’m not done yet, there’s more to do and I have more to give.”  As was mentioned in a letter last week, Birgit is not afraid to make the tough decisions.  I have seen this first hand and strongly agree.  This is truly because she cares about our students and does her due diligence toward understanding the issues, and THEN makes solid decisions based on fact, not fiction.

I encourage you to reelect Birgit McQuiston for the Lake Orion School Board.  You will not be disappointed!

Valerie LeTendre

Lake Orion resident

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