Bacon, sausage, hot dogs, Judge Alito and Adlai Stevenson

I asked for, and got, a new electric razor for Christmas. It’s a Braun. It came with its own cleaning stand and a readout screen that tells you when it’s dirty. Ain’t that nice? It, along with every other product these days, came in three languages: English, French and Espanol. What I really found interesting was their statement: ‘You shave the length of an 18-hole golf course every 18 months.? I’m going to have to write to Braun and ask if that’s a par three course, public course or the kind the pros play on. And, who did they hire to research this fact?
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A Detroit News headline read: Detroit schools down by 10,000. Drop to 130,600 means district will lose $73M in state funding.
Detroit’s school district didn’t ‘lose? $73M. They just didn’t get it because they don’t have it coming.
It’s not unlike other Boards of Education and administrators claiming they should be getting the money they say was taken away by the Headlee Amendment.
No! That money, by law, is not theirs.
Which brings up another question: Do school administrators, parks and recreation people, any level of government, any charity or any business, corporation or person ever admit being satisfied with the amount of money they earn or are given?
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During the Senate judiciary committee hearings on the confirming of Judge Alito, I noticed a man sitting behind the judge with his right foot tossed over his left knee, showing the bottom of his shoe.
I made a note to myself: When was the last time you saw a hole in the sole of anyone’s shoes? For me it may have been when Adlai Stevenson was running for president against Dwight David Eisenhower. Campaigning in Flint, a photographer snapped a picture of his holey shoe. It went across the world.
Holed soles were common in my mid-1930s school days. Cardboard filed the space from time to time as I walked 13 miles to school, uphill both ways, to attend Fremont on Grand River Road, not far from Newburg or Bancroft and just a few miles south of Corunna.
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I get the publication Metro Health, Detroit Area’s Source for Monthly Health News, mailed to me free or I would quit it. My regular reader knows I too-often quote headlines, (see above) and this is another one: ‘Bacon, sausage, hot dogs and processed meats hike cancer risk by 67%.?
If we added up all the percentages of cancer risk for everything we intake none of us would make it out of the hospital birthing room. Perhaps that would be good, because in a short time there would be no people, thus no need for percentages.
This study, which condemns all processed meats, comes from the University of Hawaii. How would a nutritionist find processed meat on those islands? Isn’t all their meat cooked on a revolving spit with an apple in their mouths?
The paper says, (and that is about as anonymous as you can get) sodium nitrite is the culprit and ‘the USDA once tried to ban sodium nitrite, but was unsuccessful due to policial influence and lobbying efforts of meat processing companies.? The quote marks are mine, the words are theirs.
It’s another case of making a statement that isn’t proven, but is covered by numerous disclaimers in their masthead.
Wonder if Abramoff was involved in this influence peddling?
Anyway, the bottom line is that if you eat any processed meat you are going to die. But if you don’t eat any processed meat you’re missing some great tastes and you are still going to die.
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Well, it’s January and sports writers have begun pushing baseball. Interesting that this year these writers are promising a 50-50 win/loss record for the Detroit Tigers instead of the pennant.

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