Bad Brad’s gets a thumbs up

From the first moment you drive into the decorated parking lot to the moment you walk through the elegant doorway with the aroma of succulent barbeque wafting through the hostess stand, you know that what you will experience will be exceptional and mouthwatering. We had that marvelous experience this week when we dined on slices of brisket with the tasty 321 sauce at the newly opened barbeque bonanza in Lake Orion. We augmented our sandwiches with sides of potato salad and coleslaw and the meal was an epicurean delight. Our dessert of bread pudding with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream put us over the top. .
While you are dining, look around the intricate woodworking including the ceiling. It is museum-like. And you will quickly see why it took months before opening– the workmanship inside is flawless.
The staff is efficient, friendly and well versed in every food item on the menu. I understand that prospective applicants were given the complete menu in advance of being selected, studied the various selections, and then were quizzed on the items. It certainly shows because our wait person answered all of our questions without hesitation.
My prediction is that this will be the “go to” place in Lake Orion. And when the outdoor dining opens within the next month or so, everyone driving by on Baldwin Road will make a quick stop being drawn in by the appetizing, delectable aroma. And if you look closely, you’ll see us there again too.
Bill Kalmar
Lake Orion resident

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