Resident encourages others to get involved

I receive daily three news papers to track what our elected representatives are doing to pay for their salaries. The Orion Review adds transparency to our local Township dealings. However, the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk as well as our illegal acting Attorney, have a long way to go as to their promises to provide the transparency they claimed would be given us if elected. Well they lied.
I am sure the Township is just a smaller form of our State Representatives with their hands out to collect what ever they can from the lobbyist.
I have thought that Senator Marleau was dead, extremely ill or was finally in jail for the things that he received over the past five years from his lobbyists. To my surprise Senator Marleau just sponsored all by himself a bill to help one of his biggest contributors. He also signed on to help sponsor a bill that was already being sponsored by Senators of good intentions. Thank God that he is term limited. However, we will have to pay for his retirement and benefits. Please tell me what Marleau has done for Orion Township, other than being a Republican for the last decade?
His planned replacement Republican Rep. Jacobson started his first years involved with our community. However, these last few years, he has followed Marleau into a non responsive Representative. I have to take that back. When you ask him a question, he does say that he will get back to you, which he never does. His years have been trying to get the speed limit raised on the freeway and dirt side roads. Did he ever ask you what you thought? I believe that the nasty beard he has grown, has taken him back to his easy rider days, with a very lazy mind. I have already told you readers what the project he is working on, and never received a response from State Rep. Jacobson.
Both of our elected State Representative and Senator have forgotten who elected each of them. Also who they work for.
I am a conservative and I want to ask you to not elect a person because of the party they represent. You must get to know who they are and what they are going to do for our community.
Some people you should look at before you send in your easy absentee ballot. I have researched the following people. I am not telling you to vote for them. Just find out what they can do for you and our community: Donni Steele for Treasurer, Neal Porter for the board, John Reilly for State Rep., Mike Flood for the Board, Jenn Zielinski for Clerk.
We need to find good people to fill the following slots: A new township supervisor (for moral reasons), one new township board member (he votes the way the Clerk votes because he is afraid of our current Clerk who is his wife’s boss) and a new State Senator. Please get involved.
David W. Duenow
Lake Orion resident

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