Twp. is correct to issue littering tickets

The Detroit Free Press has taken it upon itself to file a ridiculous lawsuit against the Orion Township Board demanding $5 million in punitive damages from every individual Orion Township Board official.
This newspaper publisher believes it has the right under the 1st Amendment to drop their unsolicited the Free Press Sunday Select advertising circulars on the lawns and driveways of many Orion Twp. residents.
Orion Township residents have called The
Free Press asking them to stop dropping their advertising circulars on their property. Too often their requests have been ignored.
Some residents have complained to our Orion Township Government Board about the nuisance advertising circulars littering their private driveways and lawns each and every Sunday. The Orion Township government officials have taken up their complaints and started issuing $800.00 tickets for the nuisance littering complaints and violations.
After a heavy snowfall these plastic bag encased advertising circulars have become entangled inside the works of numerous homeowners snow blowers.
When homeowners are away on business or vacation the circulars pile up on their private driveways and lawns giving a clear signal and open invitation for thieves and criminal home invaders.
It might be a fantastic idea if the residents of Orion Township who do not want these advertising circulars dropped on their private property to gather together and bring forth their own Class Action lawsuit against The Detroit Free Press.
Mary MacMaster
Orion Township resident

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