Local business owner supports Zielinski

I am writing a letter to you and the good people of Lake Orion because my voice cannot be heard with a vote. My name is Dr. Andrew Millage. I am an Iraq vet with the U.S. Army 3rd Ranger Battalion. I am a small business owner in Lake Orion and enjoy serving the Lake […]

LO School Sinking Fund- – -Can we talk, please?

On August 2, taxpayers are being asked to vote on a proposed sinking fund to support capital improvements in facilities, including repairs, renovations and replacement projects. If approved it would levy a tax of 2 mils for a period of 10 years with no further opportunity for taxpayer review. A decade without accountability. Sinking Fund […]

Support for Sinking Fund

I am writing to give my support of the Lake Orion Community Schools 10-Year sinking fund. While I understand the arguments of some who feel that we are continually taxed with little to show for it, this proposal is absolutely necessary to preserve the buildings and sites that are the foundation of a top-notch school […]

Trustee voting for Steele

Please join me in voting for Donni Steele for Orion Township Treasurer. The Aug. 2nd local candidacy races are extremely important this year and will have far reaching impact on our community. Donni Steele, current township trustee and lifetime area resident, is seeking the full-time position of Township Treasurer. In the last seven weeks, Donni […]

Show your LOve for our schools

Show your LOve and support for the Lake Orion community by voting YES for LOCS on August 2nd. We were drawn to Lake Orion nearly twelve years for the neighborhoods and schools. Moving here was the best decision we ever made. Last spring, I brought my son to LOHS, where he was performing with his […]

Support for Joe Kent

In our office, we deal with the MI Treasury Dept. on an almost daily basis. These past few years, there have been seemingly nonsensical ways of dealing with the payment and assessing of taxes, especially with small businesses. Outdated systems, under-staffing of knowledgeable people, and a convoluted tax law puts the taxpayers in a quagmire […]

Vote yes on the Millage Renewals

Please vote YES on August 2nd for the Renewal Millages for our Orion Township Police and Fire Departments. The 2016 millages are only renewals. Neither are requests for new or increased taxes. The renewal requests are necessary to help our Orion Township Police and Fire Departments to continue to provide us with their highly recognized […]

Reminder to Vote

All registered Orion Township voters need to cast their votes on Tuesday, August 2. Residents are encouraged to study the candidates, and review their work record. In doing so, I believe the performance of Donni Steele as current Trustee, has proven her commitment to serve the community as the new Orion Township Treasurer. Her slogan […]

Supportive of police, fire, schools

Lake Orion is the perfect place to raise a family. We have beautiful lakes and parks, a vibrant and active small business community, brave and committed police officers and firefighters, and award-winning schools! For these reasons, I’m voting yes on the upcoming police and fire millages and the LOCS building and site fund. Let’s keep […]

They support the Sinking Fund

We choose to live in Lake Orion because of the schools, the recreation opportunities, and the small-town feeling with abundant big-town ammenities. When we go to vote on Aug. 2nd, we will be voting YES on the Sinking Fund proposal. Strong Schools = Strong Community. We vote YES with confidence because LOCS has received accolades […]

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