Resident is against village plans to run a storm drainage pipe from Lakeview Street into Lake Orion

The standing water and draining concerns of Lakeview Street have been in existence for over seventeen years.

Various times the neighbors have approached The Village and ask that all appropriate measures be taken to correct the flooding of our properties.

This overflow is a direct result of asphalting the road incorrectly.

Prior to paving the road, there was not a water problem on Lakeview Street. Looking at past meeting minutes you will see evidence of this.

It is now my understanding that the only recommendation to correct the road water is a direct pipe from the unmaintained well system in the road pouring into Lake Orion.

This is simply unacceptable.

The lake is the home to much wildlife, a natural resource and should be protected, not contaminated.

In addition, at the location where the pipe is suggested to enter the lake is an active boating, fishing and swimming area.

The dumping of road waste into the lake would allow gas, oil and salts to flow freely into the lake and other debris to get trapped and require additional maintenance, perhaps more than twice a year.

Thus far, if the current drywell system were maintained and even expanded, it is likely the standing water and saturated land would not exist.

I have not seen any evidence that that the expansion of the drywells or any other solution has been explored.

All Village records on the website to date and all meeting agendas show no evidence to the contrary.

Where are the other proposed options, reports and prices for consideration?

A direct drain simply dumping road debris into the lake with a proposed filtrations system allowing 20 percent contamination when optimally performing, is certainly not an ethical solution.

Once again, I am against the easement for the storm water outlet on Lakeview Street.

Peggy Krefski

Lakeview Street resident


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