Lakeview Street resident asks village: ‘Please do not run your sewer pipe’ into Lake Orion

Dear Mr. Young:

My late husband, George and I came to Orion shortly after World War II. We have raised our children and grand-children here.

Let me remind you that we all pay an assessment with our property taxes to control both the weeds and the algae blooms in the lake.

Now you are proposing to run a sewer pipe that will carry lawn fertilizers into the lake. Doesn’t it seem ridiculous that on one hand we’re fighting to kills weeds and algae blooms in the lake and on the other hand you’re fertilizing them.

Having been here for decades, I now enjoy my great-grandchildren and my 6 great-great grandchildren. They all enjoy the clean lake and I am delighted to be here with them.

Please do not run your sewer pipe into the lake. I don’t care how many times you filter this, your sewer pipe will still allow more pollutants into lake.

Stop wasting our tax money!

Please do not run your sewer pipe from Lakeview Street to the lake.

AnnaBelle Findlay

Lake Orion resident

Editor’s Note: Mrs. Findlay sent her letter to the Village of Lake Orion, addressed to Village Manager Joe Young and the Lake Orion Village Council. The Lake Orion Review asked her permission to print the letter, which was forwarded to us by Lakeview Street property owner Paul Widlak.


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