A smattering of shower-taking thoughts

Observation: Grass grows faster at night. The lawn always looks like it needs mowing in the morning.
People who use washcloths in the shower to clean their ears often push water into their brain which leads to sloshy thinking. This unknown and unproven fact occurred to me while I was pushing water in my ear with my finger.
The symptoms of sloshy thinkers aren’t evident until after the age of 21, and peak between ages 35 and 50. The very first ‘slosh? sign is when a person announces for public office. You can bet that person has pushed some moisture into a brain cell.
The degree of washcloth pressure can be determined by the office being sought.
A small town candidate seeking public office is in the very initial stages. Those seeking terms in state capitals have been more severely affected by the push of water into the ear channel cavity.
But the seekers of Washington seats you can bet have sloshed most of all. How else do you account for the legislation introduced and sometimes passed that does so much for contributors and so little for the common man?
Why do dogs, like ours and son Jim’s, like to lick shower water that seeps through the door? Come on, fellow sloshy thinkers, come up with an answer.
Weeds are necessary living things, like mosquitos, moles and mildew, given us to care for by Mother Nature. There must be some do-gooder organization trying to coerce us into allowing them to grow naturally and destroy whatever we, not nature, planted.
By the way, have you noticed the fewer number of snakes, toads and frogs this year?
A few weeks ago an adult woodchuck (Not being familiar with a woodchuck’s life-style I can’t be sure in calling it a mother) and a young ‘un, emerged from under our deck, perched itself on a stone, and looked over our yard landscape for a long time. Must have been looking for a larger condo, ’cause I haven’t seen it in weeks. I did notice Shayna looked heavier.
Love pecan pie. Grocers have a way of knowing when I’m coming and put these pies in every aisle to trap me. Regardless of my diet commitment and personal promises, I usually give in when the price seems real good. Such was the case recently, $6.99 for a pecan pie. Wow!
The price was the only thing good about it. Well, the pecans were good. I committed to eating one small sliver, then offered some to Shayna. She licked dish and lips for 20 minutes. Of course, I have to watch her diet, too, so it took four days of rationing the pie, which was interrupted by vanilla ice cream, corn flakes, table scraps and pieces of coffee cake. Typical dog’s life food.
Somewhere months ago, DTE Energy estimated energy use on a building on my property. For at least three months I got a statement, minus envelope, showing a negative balance. My latest bill came with twenty-six cents due.
They promised to add a 2% penalty if I didn’t pay the balance by July 11, 2005. Let’s see, 2% of 26c is a half penny, a stamp is 37c, my check-writing time is painful and they have already spent more than 26c on the billing. The only way DTE can come out ahead is rebilling, so by not paying this bill I’m helping them and me. What a world!
How beautiful it can be to do nothing, then rest afterwards.
Wrinkled is not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up.