Click it to help budget?

I know wearing a seat belt while driving is a state law. And, I usually buckle mine. But, I do it reluctantly. I do it because I don’t want to pay any branch of government more money.
And, I don’t do it believing it will save my life. Safety belts have not eliminated deaths. Statistics say they save lives. I suppose we should believe them.
I believe this law infringes on the rights of drivers. The state police are renewing their ‘click it or ticket? campaign. Being naturally skeptical I wonder if it’s a budget deficit thing? Which prompts the next question, is there a quota?
Most of us have been through one of these law nets, where police cars are placed so they can see into the driver’s window of a car, then they wave them aside or call ahead to other stationed police cars.
It’s a trap. Being police I guess they can set traps. Being skeptical, hurried, forgetful and stressed we’re easily caught, ticketed, fined and upset.
Wearing a seat belt should be our choice. When it comes to personal safety, when autos are involved, enforcement by law should be left to speeding, erratic driving, noise and illegal turns.
Urge us, don’t force us. If we believe it’s reasonable, most of us will observe it. To show how far some police are going to find drivers who go belt-less, Tacoma, Washington’s finest are looking into cars, even those with darkened windows with super sensitive glasses.
If that really works with their budget problems, I think we can expect copycats across the country.
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Everyone who hates speeding tickets, raise their right foot!
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While visiting my sister in Florida a few years ago, she took me to her favorite store to buy me a gift she knew I would be thrilled with.
If you know my sister you’d know her favorite store would be a Dollar Store. She bought me a single glove to wear in the shower, like my hands didn’t get me clean or something.
The glove has a rough texture. It seems to awaken my hide and feels good, as long as I don’t rub too long on my tender face. So, I bought a second glove and two for our son and sons-in-law. Do they use them?
Son-in-law Tim loves his, his brother-in-law Bob says he tried them before trashing and son Jim’s wife uses their gloves frequently. For a buck they’re worth a try.
However, their use reminded me that Hazel told me more than once, ‘You can’t get clean without a wash cloth!?
Thus, I’ve begun a survey to see how many men, real men, use a wash cloth when they shower. Certainly no sailor on the USS Woodford soaped a cloth in the shower in WWII.
While querying men I also ask women. The survey isn’t complete, but to this point ten times as many women clean their body with cloth as men. I’ll keep you informed.
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Fact: The average pair of feet sweat about one-half pint of perspiration per day. However, this conclusion was reached prior to the string of 90 degree temperatures that began June 3.
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I’ll close with this church story. This pastor got up one Sunday and announced to his congregation: ‘I have some good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.?

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