Twins dress for bed, male swimmers, etc.

Twins dress for bed, male swimmers, etc.
I just got around to asking which twin was born first, Haley or Trevor. I asked their sister, Savannah. ‘Trevor by three minutes,? she said. Being a girl at 5, she is also taller than he, which she’s quick to tell you.
For those who like our twin-tales, their mother put them to bed one evening recently without much fuss When she got up the next morning Haley was already on the couch, dressed for the day. Trevor was sleeping in.
Mother Susan had to wake him so she could take Savannah to school on time. One wouldn’t dare leave them home alone. When she removed the covers, she saw that Trevor was already dressed for the day. With no time to think about that, they were off for the day.
At dinner she asked Trevor to tell his dad what he slept in the night before. Their son told him it was what he had on, jeans, shirt and belt.
When asked why he went to bed in street clothes, Trevor said, ‘Because Haley told me to.? This way they could both be ready for the day ahead.
Haley stood there, looking at Trevor, with her hands on her hips, her face all scrunched up and tells Trevor, ‘You weren’t supposed to tell!?
Trevor replied, ‘You never told me that!?
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Dick Purtan, WOMC-fm, was reviewing an item from the Center for Disease Control, which stated more males are being born than females. His crew came up with explanations. One said the male sperm is smaller and faster than the female sperm, thus gets to the egg faster.
That lead to numerous offerings by the gals on the show on such things as females take their time, making sure to get it right; females are more choosey, wanting to look things over before jumping in; females sometimes do some shopping en route; female sperm have to check with others of their kind to make plans for later; they have to check their e-mail, call their hair dresser and look in a mirror to decide which side to present to the egg.
Oh, well, it was funny on the air at the time.
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I promised to keep you informed of my findings on what people wash with in the shower. I learned during my survey following a boy-girl golf outing that nylon-spongy things are very popular with gals.
They put liquid soap on this soft thing and cleanse. No guy gave that answer, thank goodness. One male, a guy named Gary, said he used a cloth, ‘Because I don’t know who used the soap last ?
I thought at first it was a slam against his wife, but later learned he travels overseas often on his job. Since he works for a German company we can assume he knows what’s best hygienically.
The next application I fill out for employment will not be with a survey firm. Too many people get a rejecting, almost angry expression on their face when you ask this simple question, ‘Do you use a wash cloth in the shower?? But, I will continue until I’m satisfied what I report will be true and educational.
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For those who have expressed their view that the only thing I write about is my dog and bacon, I give you the above.
Now, bacon. I’m sure it’s true everyone who goes north on M-65, through Hale Friday afternoons, as I did, stops at Alward’s Market for old fashioned home-smoked meats & sausages.
The place was buzzing when we went in for their bacon. It is great stuff. So is their fresh side pork.
Now, Shayna. For my own entertainment, sometimes I put jam, peanut butter or other sticky stuff on a paper plate, put it on the floor and watch her nose–lick it all over the kitchen floor.
It’s better than most of the stuff on the Comedy Channel, and besides it’s good for her hair, which is also all over the floor.