Orion Twp. Community Survey returns;

By Jim Newell Review Editor Would Orion Township residents like to see an ice rink, splash park, soccer fields or tennis courts in the township’s future? Which activities do people use the most: shopping, dining, entertainment, recreation, services? Would resident’s support a millage for the fire department to provide EMS services? How about dedicated road […]

Glad to see state Rep. John Reilly explains his voting record

I was happy to see the article on State Representative John Reily. (“State Rep. John Reilly shares complete voting record online,” Lake Orion Review, July 19, 2017, page 3.) I love the fact that he posts his vote explanations on Facebook, as well as on repreilly.com. John and I ascribe to very different political paradigms, […]

Lake Orion drawdown allows for inspection and repair

Drawdown of the water level on Lake Orion is proposed to begin on Sept. 12. Lowering the water level allows for inspection of the dam, shoreline stabilization and for property owners to repair or reconstruct existing seawalls. Permits are necessary for work on the seawalls.Inspection and preservation of the shoreline is necessary as erosion is […]

Why aren’t we banning Russians?

Why aren’t we banning Russia? They only want to destroy our country, but we keep letting them in. They (the U.S. Government) ban Latinos who payed billions in taxes to help our country and we keep them out. How stupid is that? Anyone in this country who supports (Russian President Vladimir) Putin should have their […]

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