Reader questions Hollywood Market closing

Dear Orion Review,

After reading the article in the Jan. 10 edition of the Orion Review entitled “Plaza owner says Hollywood Market wasn’t forced out,” I have a few questions.

Hollywood Market had previously had a 10-year lease on this property. It was mentioned that several options had been discussed, including month-to-month and multi-year lease plans.

If this was accurate, then why would Hollywood close so quickly? I think it would have been easier on Hollywood Market and its employees if the owners of Hollywood Market had been given this option, so this just does not ring true to me.

Also, Hollywood Market owners have links to the Lake Orion Community so they are invested here.

Why was the lease for Heathly Dogma not renewed? It was a great location. I’m wondering why they moved down M-24.

If there is something else planned for the M-24 and Clarkston Road location, or the Plaza owner wants to explore other options, is this the reason why the negotiations with Hollywood Market may have not worked out?

I was surprised that Mr. Boutrous says he wasn’t expecting that Hollywood would say they were having a “We lost our lease sale.”

I think he would have known this would happen before anyone else did.

Thank you,

Kay Schrah

Lake Orion Resident


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