4th LOHS Cell Out for Soldiers reaches 86 percent participation

4th LOHS Cell Out for Soldiers reaches 86 percent participation

By Jim Newell

Review Editor

Lake Orion High School held its 4th annual Cell Out for Soldiers on Friday, with students turning in their phone for the day to raise funds for the Minutes that Matter program.

The Leadership class donated $1 for every phone turned in – and also raised money through sponsorships. The Minutes that Matter program through Cell Out for Soldiers gives military personnel phone cards to keep in touch with family and friends.

Leadership Advisor Lori Hogan said the Leadership students collected 1,857 phones, 86 percent of the students in school that day. (186 students were absent during Cell Out).

“I decided to do Cell Out because soldiers give up their phones for the entire time that they’re away and I thought if they could do it for that long I could do it for one day to help them,” said student Elaina Demas. “I think it’s hard (to give up her cell phone) but not impossible. This is a big deal here, everybody gets really into it.”

“It means a lot seeing everyone in the school come together for a great cause. Cell Out for Soldiers is a great charity that we participate in every year for four years now,” said Julia Hawley, an 11th grader.

Hawley, a leadership student, has both a Dragon and personal perspective on the fundraiser.

“Yes, because my two brothers are currently serving, and I know it’s sometimes hard to get in contact with them, so I can relate to people who can’t come in contact with their family members who are currently serving,” Hawley said.

“I think it went really great. We had a lot of participation. It was great to see everyone come together, being united as one school, wearing all the same shirts. So, it was just really great to see.”


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