Village council has done a ‘disservice’ to the community, reader says

I feel that the current Lake Orion Village Council has done a disservice to our community and I’ve listed below my reasons why.
The current boards and commissions are recommended by the council president and approved by the council. This council has given our community many decisions that have impacted the overall direction and welfare of the village.
1. The approval of the Ehman Center PUD granting less-than-required parking spaces and a 10-year tax abatement.
2. The 2022-2023 budgeting process was chaotic and drawn out to the last minute before submission.
3. They have approved the Moceri developments Mystic Cove and Constellation Bay and are considering the PUD of Starboard Lake Orion.
4. They are considering the CO-SIGNING of a $5 million bond issue for the DDA which puts the bottom-line responsibility of this liability on the shoulders of the village taxpayers, putting the village’s borrowing power at risk.
5. They were made aware of significant potential problems with our sewage pumping stations approximately five years ago. They took no action until Oakland County’s WRC threatened to stop servicing the system.
6. They fumbled the lake drawdown for 2022 until it was almost too late. The normal drawdown was impacted because of this delay.
7. They chose not to honor the request of validated petitions to effect a change to the DDA TIF financing program.
Harry Stephen
Lake Orion

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