Rep. Elissa Slotkin visits Lake Orion HealthQuest

Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin visited with HealthQuest last week to meet with the physical therapists as apart of her “Costs of Care” tour.

The purpose of this tour residents, patients, advocates, families and healthcare professionals in Michigan’s 8th congressional district to discuss their concerns with healthcare costs. Rep. Slotkin plans to take these concerns to Washington D.C. as she works to bring down to cost of healthcare.

“Our ‘Costs of Care’ Tour took us to HealthQuest Physical Therapy in Lake Orion, where I got to see some of the innovative therapies they offer first hand,” Slotkin said in a press release. “We talked about how physical therapy can reduce reliance on opioids as well as out-of-pocket prescription drug costs by offering an alternative to managing pain.”

Rep. Slotkin toured Lake Orion’s HealthQuest Physical Therapy on Baldwin rd. with partners Phil Krause and Dan Binnick, physical therapist Dan Cady and Tom Barba from the Michigan Physical Therapy Association. They shared their experience with Rep. Slotkin and discussed how physical therapy can be an alternative to opioids or prescription drugs and the challenges their patients face.

“Hearing about the trouble of getting insurance companies to cover certain therapies adds to the chorus I’ve been hearing across the district – that even with healthcare coverage, the specific care people need is out of reach,” Slotkin said. “Affordable healthcare is our generation’s problem to solve, and opportunities like this, to hear directly from those delivering this care in our community, helps me push for solutions in Congress that make care more affordable.” — By Megan Kelley