Remembering the Fallen

As I type, memories of Memorial Day 2023 weekend are fresh in my mind. The weekend began at church on Sunday as we remembered the fallen soldiers. We held in the consciousness of prayer all those who left their homes, to serve our country, and became one of the fallen.
And, we reminded those who returned home and were with us on Sunday that we were proud to know them and we were grateful for their service.
Later in the evening PBS hosted the National Memorial Day Concert 2023. The opening song was by Trace Adkins titled, “The Empty Chair.” Having an uncle, who was a POW, in the Vietnam War – who never said anything about that experience – one part of the song really touched me: “They’ll tell you anything you wanna know. But, there’s one place they just won’t go, cause they don’t want to ruin our dreams, by telling us the things they seen.” (See what I mean, it’s touching.)
On Monday, we were with some very important people, right here in Lake Orion. We attended the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Orion Veterans Memorial. This year was extra pleasing as the weather was perfect, bringing many people to the Memorial area for the ceremony. If you missed it, Orion ONTV filmed it, so please take time to watch it.
As the ceremony started you could feel the positive, caring, respectful emotions held in the consciousness of all those who were present. It was wonderful to just be in that space of “wherever two or more are gathered.” The gun salute and taps were wonderful but the prayer by the Military Chaplin also touched me. For the exact words you will have to watch the ONTV video, but I heard, we pray, that all time spent in wars will one day soon yield no more wars, only peace. It was beautifully said and we all want to have a peaceful world, right?
Later we found the brick that Unity of Lake Orion contributed to the Memorial and we spoke with Sergeant Jim Hubbard. I love talking to Jim as he shares good information. I believe as the song said, he’ll tell you anything you want to know and I bet the others will too.
Jim is a proud veteran and active in every event I go to. He told us that VFW Posts are open to ALL veterans and they welcome others who have not come into the posts as of this time. FYI, Jim has the stats on how many veterans there are from each war. He knows you’re out there; you might as well join them. It is my prayer that you, as a family member, friend, or neighbor, will reach out, share this news and encourage those you know of who have served to join.
Like a young woman mentioned to me, there are no families the trauma of war has not touched. For me, sharing together on Memorial Day is a time to gather for the fallen and also for all those whose lives felt the fallout of one lost in duty.
And, so we pray. Why? It’s all we got! Plus, in living life as a spiritual walk we learn there is no such thing as space and time. This tells us all our thoughts will vibrate out into the ethers. They will reach and enter every timeline and can easily arrive where our attention flowed. They absolutely will reach into heaven touching the very souls we are holding in prayer.
We know this is so, because we know our prayers and positive thoughts are sent with clear hearts. It is our prayer intention to bring gratitude, peace and love to others through our prayers.
Once said, our intentions enter into the ethers, the field of God energy, which is everywhere present, i.e., heavenly realms. In that space there is only God; there is no time, just a space of love and presence where, one day, we all return. Remember, Jesus rose and returned to the love that God is, as will we.
As we close down this Memorial Day weekend we not only begin our summer fun but we plan our Fourth of July fun. This year, take more time to be grateful to all veterans and their families who have sacrificed time away from each other and given up their family fun to give us our freedom.
Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) – Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.
Linda La Croix
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