Reasons to support the Lake Orion DDA

Here are just a few of the many contributions from our local DDA:

· The DDA collaborates with the village council to identify ways to better serve the community and has set aside a significant portion of new capture (75 percent to the village) for village-approved infrastructure projects.
· The DDA uses taxes collected from the community to make improvements in the downtown area that benefit the community as a whole. Examples of this are: sidewalk and road improvements, directional signage, parking creation and maintenance, Paint Creek Trail extension and bike amenities, public restrooms at Fire Station 1 and new playground equipment in Children’s Park.
A higher share of the taxes collected are reinvested locally. In 2023, over $400,000, normally distributed throughout the county, instead will be reinvested in Lake Orion through the DDA. This is not an extra tax, rather, it is the use of normally collected taxes.
· The DDA pays the village for administrative services, police, public works services, utilities and other shared costs, which helps the village save money.
· The DDA creates and maintains public spaces, such as the Paint Creek Trail extension, Flint Street Alleyway, the Lake Orion Social District and the new playground in Children’s Park, which provide recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.
· The DDA manages the Main Street America Program, through which the community has been accredited since 2006. Volunteers help make things happen through their participation in different Main Street Committees: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotions, and Organization.
Having Main Street America accreditation helps the Village of Lake Orion and its businesses qualify for grants.
I believe we are fortunate to have such a vibrant, respected and active DDA in the Village of Lake Orion.
A proud supporter of our DDA.

Mary Chayka-Crawford
Lake Orion

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