Moceri development will benefit the Village of Lake Orion for years to come

The Moceri Company is making a magnificent investment in Lake Orion with three proposed projects that will provide a great many benefits.
I was on the original village planning commission in the 1960s and this was the kind of development we had in mind for the future of the M-24 corridor.
The Mystic Cove development gets rid of dilapidated cabins and a white house that’s been vacant for years. This project will revitalize the lakefront while retaining its natural beauty, as well as meet all existing zone requirements.
An existing vacation cottage will be restored and made available for public viewing in one of the village’s parks. Plans also call for a “Dragon on the lake historical story” marker.
The Constellation Bay Project will improve the property, getting rid of vacant and unsightly buildings that provide no historical context to the village.
Plus, this project will incorporate the historical LAKE ORION sign like the one that greeted visitors years ago. The historical Italianate home that I owned will be reconstructed, adding another historical feature to the project.
The Starboard development includes a new park area plus renovation of the Sutherland home. Moceri plans to keep the gas pump so boaters can access it to fill up their boats, in addition to building a Snack Shop in the marina. Most importantly, Moceri plans to clean up the marina, which has been polluted with years of refuse and chemicals.
The new Flint Street landscape will be reminiscent of historical Lake Orion cottage architecture and preserve the existing boathouse on the marina shores.
These three projects will provide a significant increase in tax revenue and make residents even prouder of where they live. The tax increases will help finance government services and provide additional funding for village infrastructure needs.
The Moceri Company does everything first class and these three projects will have a huge positive impact that will benefit Lake Orion villagers for years to come.
Dr. Joe Mastromatteo
Orion Veterans Memorial

3 responses to “Moceri development will benefit the Village of Lake Orion for years to come”

  1. To R.W. the Deals ,Plans, Bids, Monies, are already, signed, Tax breaks, The “Fairyland” is already in the mill and the “QUAINT VILLAGE of ORION” will be no more. The COUNTY of OAKLAND, The Charter Township could care less about THE QUAINT VILLAGE of ORION of yesteryear, for the County, Orion is SPEED BUMP in the MOVEMENT of traffic on M-24, and Orion/Rochester rd. North and South. Hay, here’s a thought, why not sell the two or three of the remaining block of THE QUAINT VILLAGE to these big shooters and say 30 DAY and YOU are GONE and let them build what they want and get it over with, be cause in 10yrs +or – they will be moving on to pick over a new QUAINT VILLAGE to buy it out like a CLUB SANDWICH (a little at a time) and build what THEY want. Don’t think it won’t happen, hang on, give me a sec, I think i can locate a swamp that can be redeveloped into a airport for pigs

  2. Another idea might be to remember the Railroad that served Lake Orion for so many years, maybe a set of Tracks with an Old Engine or Caboose sitting proudly as it once did so many years ago.

  3. My Comment a “Wait & See” the
    individual owners of affected real estate may not agree with what they are financially offered. Legal issues may have to be settled first, so this “Fairyland” project may never ever happen.

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