Lumber redevelopment is a fantastic proposal

Re: “Lake Orion DDA gets extension on proposed Lake Orion Lumber Yard property purchase,” March 1, 2023, Lake Orion Review.

This is a fantastic plan and certainly an improvement over the 150-plus apartments the previous developer was trying to put in.
The only concern I have, I do not see how you get all this done for $5 million. I would not want to see a development that is not completed, or looking for future monies to finish it.
Keep up the good work DDA.
Greg Rogers
Lake Orion

2 Responses to "Lumber redevelopment is a fantastic proposal"

  1. Cory Johnston   March 10, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    I have asked my planner and architect friends and not one has said this is a good design, some have outright said it is bad.
    If you watch the DDA presentation from March 7 that is available on OrionONTV about what they want to do, you will hear that they don’t have a budget for this project, they don’t even have a scope of work from which to establish a budget, but they want $5 million because that is the maximum amount they can get.
    If approved by the Village Council, the taxpayers will end up paying close to $7 million to pay off the bond even if the DDA does nothing on this property or if whatever they do is a financial failure. Do the people in the Village of Lake Orion want to take that risk given that the DDA has never done anything of this magniture before?

  2. Roy   March 23, 2023 at 11:59 pm

    @CJ, help me out on GR’s response. I can’t think of a proper rebuttal that the O. R. would put in print. The DDA must be recruiting. They are asking for a 5m bond that the village council probley vote no but let’s TALK about the 2.4m you wanted the first time around the table, that might just carry, better a little less then the whole pie but with a mim of revamp to lol we flip it to the BIG MONEY and still have enough left over for a pack of smokes and B.M. will what they want, the GATE WAY to the village. Keep up the good work DDA. Wonder where he parked the MOTHER SHIP????


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