Lions Club thanks businesses, community for supporting the Christmas Basket Program

The Lake Orion Lions Club would like to thank the following people and organizations for supporting the Lake Orion Lions Club 2020 Christmas Basket Program:

AT&T, Milosch’s Palace Chrysler Jeep, Oxford Lions Club, Meijer, Converting Alternatives, Lake Orion United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church of Pontiac, DTE Foundation,

Lion Phil Steele fundraiser, Lake Orion Lioness Club, Louise Johnson, Madison Heights Plumbing, Orion Township Employees, Muffler Man of Lake Orion, Liberty Way Realty, Ally Financial, Universal Container,

Orion Oaks Elementary PTO, Lake Orion Community Schools, LOHS Leadership Group, Hermann Family, Vette Products, Harley Buchanan, Karol Leach, Gerald Schlaf, Nancy and Dick Maxwell, Wilson Family, Marilyn Gaskins, Joyce and Timothy Marker, Nancy and Alfred Gorinac,

Lion Virginia Ciaramitaro, Pelletier Family, Lions Jill and Greg Baker, Katie and Bryan Culver, Carol and William Stark, Keener Family, Marie and Earl English, Susan Mythy Montgomery, Lion Brenda Zilka, Colleen and David Richards, Barbara and Richard Casper,

CK Avery and Peter Blumbergs, Renee and Jerry Green, Stephanie and Joseph Staub, Rebecca Doyle, Elmer Claycomb, JoAnne Knotts, Scott Hazelton, Nancy Jenkins, Ashlyn Eckart, Shirley Campau, James Phillips, James Morris, Karen Van Houzen, Lily Messina and Family, Michael Halcala, Amanda Worgess,

Ann Bayley, Christine and Doug McLane, Jennifer O’Roark, Anne Kersten, Stacy Paye, Katie Auffenorde, Wendy Samek, Mary Rehm, Jenny LaChance, Dawn Priebe, Kristin Sliwinski, Laura Williams, Traci Crocker, Marc Waske, Laura VanLandeghem, Amy Junkin, Susan Louvar, Sandra McCloud, Scott Taylor, Bonnie Wright, Kelly Schwind,

Cindi Zwayer, Laureen Krause, John Ranville, Grace Inch, Sidney Savage, Lion Bert Quinn, Linda McGettrick, Marcia Drewek, Donna Martin, Lion Charlotte Patton, Amber Kish, Theresa Fiorani, Regina Adams, Stephen Novak, Andrew Charbonneau, Lion Sue Erickson, Jayne Chamarro, Bonnie Walker, Trudy Carney, JoAnne Charbonneau, W. Kuechle,

Lion Ron Hines, Michael Hall, Kathy Yates, Melissa Parenteau, Elizabeth and Andrew DiMartino, Lake Orion Order of the Masons, WCSX radio, Judy and Bob Muir,

Barb and Kip Kriigey, Ally Financial, Edward Jones Financial of Clarkston, Mike McKellar, Orion Keg & Wine, Lion JoAnn Van Tassel,

Fern Myers, Pam Baurarie, Debbi Stephens, Kia Palace, Jan Foster, Skalnek Ford and Jeanne Kimmel.

With the help from donations as mentioned above, and a tremendous amount of help and effort from the Lake Orion Community Schools, our Lake Orion Lions Club members and their friends and families we provided some extra holiday help for over 200 local Orion area households during the holidays.

Thanks again for all the help and support from our local community.

Best regards,

Dave Tucker

Lake Orion Lions Club

Christmas Basket Program Chairperson


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