Fill your cup with goodness!

Being a month into 2023, have you decided if your choice of resolutions were the best choices for you? If not, no worries, let’s remove any previous thoughts that are not working for us. Then, taking in nice relaxing breaths, let’s just simply sink into ourselves.
When you do that, can you reach a point in your mind where nothing is happening? Can you reach a zero point of stillness? If you can’t reach a point of nothingness or where no outside thoughts creep in, try to witness and release them without attaching your focus to them.
Don’t stress about thoughts that pop up though. Simply allow them to show themselves and disappear. Let your mind do what it needs to do while you practice putting your focus on breathing. If possible, take your attention off what is happening in the world outside of you by pulling your thoughts like little clear cords inward.
Beatrice Wood said: “You can’t change the world, you can only change yourself.”
Those are great words to remember and can also help still your mind. Know that all of us are tired of hearing news, news and more news with no resolution in sight. Yet, we are not the ones to fix these problems, we can only change ourselves.
Changing thoughts and perspectives is what I practice and teach. What we cannot change we adapt to by finding ways to balance with our world. And, that’s what a spiritual center does; supports you in your learning, making adaptation easier for you.
The easiest way to adapt to anything is to be grateful and appreciative for as much as you can. Start with you first! Be grateful for yourself and who you are. Find ways to appreciate you and by doing this practice other people will find ways to say or show you how much they appreciate you.
We might not be able to change other people but there are a lot of lessons and suggestions from those who lived before us that can help us now. In living a spiritual life this type of practice is what I call “the work” and it’s yours to do. Life is all about you and changing it starts with you.
Begin by taking a look within yourself – a deep look. Not a quick glance! Oh no! This is a real check in. Now, honestly, how much do you pay attention to yourself? Not while grooming but with the eyes of true gratification and appreciation for who you are.
Proverbs 19:8 reads: “He who acquires wisdom loves himself; one who safeguards understanding will find success.”
A quick Google search tells us that when one appreciates themselves they will experience better health, relationships and have more positive emotions. All that sounds like it would make each of us live a happier life.
There are more than 300 days left in the New Year, the choice and the work is yours. Can you look at yourself everyday this year and find no less than one thing that you appreciate about yourself? Agree to find it and fill your own cup!
Every day, write on a piece of paper something you appreciate about yourself and put it in a container. Fill a cup, a jar or cookie tin, with ALL your good and watch how much more positive your statements about life become. See yourself with improved health, the wisdom to make better choices and enjoying happier relationships.
As a child of God, you are made in His image. Note: when you deny your goodness, you deny the God energy moving through you. Let us not do that. Instead let’s go back to the beginning and remove any previous thoughts that are not working for us. Breathe in relaxing breaths and sink into yourself. Reaching that point in your mind where it’s just you, God and the stillness. Ah, this is the place where God’s love is, let that surround you.
God’s presence felt in this moment is an energetic presence that fills your being and creates better experiences for you. It’s very calming and used regularly helps you to appreciate life and easier to fill your own cup. Add to that your gratitude for who you are and remind yourself of your goodness.
It’s not an ego thing or conceited action to remind yourself of the truth of how good you really are. It’s simply a reminder that “the work” you do is paying off and improving your life and that’s so good.
Seeing your cup overflowing with goodness,
Linda La Croix
Unity Director and prayer chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Visit Linda’s Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or her website,, for more uplifting insights.

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