Embrace the proposed Moceri developments

Whatever this plan looks like in the end, it is sure to be World-Class.
IMHO (in my humble opinion), the Lake Orion community should be embracing Moceri Co’s for investing in its future and contributing to making this excellent community even better than before.

John Sanchez
Lake Orion

2 responses to “Embrace the proposed Moceri developments”

  1. Hay Cory, it’s me again, I agree 100% and that is about the pub boat launch at M24 and Atwater, who the hxl had a wet dream on that brain fxxt???? could be the same out fit that wanted to put FIRE STATION #1 on Atwater ya-sure, that intersection onto M24 N-S bound is the HOTTEST intersection in town next to West Flint and M24 + the stoplight smack dab in the middle of the “QUINT VILLAGE of ORION”, and the GOOD OLD BOY’S club just keeps adding to the WORLD WIDE ORG. AH but what the heck, so menay questions, and the path to the QUINT VILLAGE of ORION around that rose bush just gets WIDER and DEEPER just follow the $$$$$$$$ signs and get your check/debt/charge card handy, hxxl these guys don’t even know where Pelton’s point or Anderson’s point are located

  2. Seriously? World class??? Not even close. Better than some perhaps, but these three proposals are far from great and nowhere near world class. I say that based on over 40 years in the architecture, design, and planning business.

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