Councilman Lamb addresses financial presentation to the Lake Orion Village Council

Dear Neighbors,
On March 27, 2023, I made a presentation to my fellow Village of Lake Orion Council members on the financial position of the village.
Since 1985, the village council has been systematically giving away almost 100 percent of new development tax revenues and close to 25 percent of total property tax revenues to the Downtown Development Authority, local developers, and special interest groups.
This precedent shows that there will be no future tax revenues in our fully-developed community for maintenance and repairs of our infrastructure, except through tax increases to the property owners and doubling of our water and sewer bills.
The presentation included historical data of the village budget, showing that no provisions have been made for infrastructure repairs in any substantial way. Maintenance, replacement and improvement budgeting is nonexistent. Only band-aid repairs have been made for as far back as I can find data. No money is earmarked for simple tasks such as repairing the huge hole in the village council hall ceiling.
At the close of my presentation questions were raised that the facts may not be “accurate.”
My first question is where have these people been for the last 20 years that they do not know the facts about village finances?
Next, why is the village selling bonds to acquire yet another property that will not give tax revenues to the village when there is no money to pave our dilapidated streets?
Lastly, to whom and where is our tax money going and why? Follow the money. The facts are there.
You can watch the meeting on Data is available at
Michael Lamb
Village of Lake Orion

One response to “Councilman Lamb addresses financial presentation to the Lake Orion Village Council”

  1. Sounds like it’s 25% GIVE BACK time WITH OUT THE TOWNSHIP helping pull the strings. YOU takeith, YOU giveith back With out TWSP STRINGS. (just a thought) What is the increase of 2.5 million bond for????, concept draft for OPEN AIR PARK, PARKING WHEN NOT IN USE, Lawyers, and Consultants for Planing Comm. Lawyers for same, Min. rehab to property so it can be Flipped to BIG MONEY for their Plans for DEVELOPMENT of said property to their liking (not yours, THEIRS) but then its JUST your TAX MONIES, what the heck it’s monies you worked your rears off for, the res. tax payers of the Quint VILLAGE of ORION. (almost forgot, W.W.W. do you ever hear of works of the P.C.) to many beans and to many B. F.’S. Mr. LAMB, KEEP a tight grip on the hammer. your eye on head of the nail and MOST IMPORTANT, KEEP your thumb OFF the head of the nail, with your back to a wall.

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