Birney and Barnett try to ‘bully’ the Lake Orion DDA

I read the story about the DDA and the tax capture that (Orion Twp. Trustee) Brian Birney and (Supervisor Chris) Barnett want to take to use for the township and some supposed updated fire equipment.

(“Emotions run highat DDA mtg. over fire millage reimbursement request,” Lake Orion Review, April 21, 2021, page 1)

The township has their own budget. Did they think the $225K fountain in the middle of nothing on Baldwin Road was a useful spend of tax dollars? No, and the construction guys were all making fun of the supervisor. I spoke with them. They knew it as a colossal waste of money. Why was that allowed in the first place?

Now the dream team of Barnett Bullies wants to take Village DDA funds for their own use. There is NO guarantee that they will use it for such things for the Fire Department. Who are they kidding?

And when is it ever OK to bully in a public meeting?

Stop the Orion Twp. board members from trying to run the village, and a state of MI entity– the DDA.

By the way, it is highly inappropriate to have the supervisor on the board of the DDA. Why is this still not being addressed? Step away Mr. Barnett. Not your party, not your funds.

Peggy Barry Bartz

Orion Twp.


3 Responses to "Birney and Barnett try to ‘bully’ the Lake Orion DDA"

  1. Ed Callahan   April 30, 2021 at 5:44 am

    Although I have concerns around Barnett’s drive to turn Orion Township into Rochester Hills, or Royal Oak, I do agree with him on this. I voted for this millage to support the fire department, not the villages DDA. I truly do believe the township should looking into charging the DDA for services provided during events.

    In regard to the comments concerning the fountain on Baldwin. I feel the fountain was a total waste of taxpayers money and the widening of Baldwin Rd or “The Corridor of Crime” diminished the quality of life for all those that live along the affected stretch. Speeding is rampant, and hardly a week goes by without a crime occurring. Just name a few, we had the gun incident at Chipotle, the armed robbery at Walgreens, the fight at Johnny Blacks. In stead of a trailer with a flashing sign warning you to slow down, I would like to see an increase in Sherriff’s deputy patrolling the stretch.

  2. Tom Warner   May 22, 2021 at 5:24 pm


    This is how democracy works. Each person was elected, therefore they have the right to do what they think is best for the community.

    If you don’t like something that they are doing then run for Supervisor next time, run for a seat on the board. Bashing leadership is so easy to do, but actually making an effort to implement real change, go ahead and try to run for their positions and see how that goes. It’s a position where 50% of people will always disagree with you. And you will also have people like yourself that will ignore all the great things that the township and its leaders did do, will never even bother to say thank you, but you will always post your opinions on things they disagree with.

    And if you don’t want to run for their positions then how about you move to a city or township where you 100% agree with their leadership. Because that does not now, nor will it ever exist.

  3. Ruth Ann VanHouten   June 25, 2021 at 8:31 am

    I voted for the funds for the DDA/Firefighters. Had I known the DDA was going to keep all the monies, I would never have voted for the proposal. Chris Barnett is right in fighting for the money and the DDA should be ashamed at pulling such a scam.


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