Tomorrow, Kindness

Tomorrow, the sun will come up in the sky, babies will be born; joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure will share the dais, just like they will on Wednesday morning, and hopefully every morning after that. However, the simple act of kindness is fleeting, fleeing or forever gone everywhere in our entire country, in our […]

Are absentee ballots secure?

Recently, my wife and I received the opportunity to receive absentee ballots for the upcoming elections. We accepted the offer and shortly after received the mid-term ballots. While filling out the ballots, we noticed that there is a glaring flaw in this way of voting. Nowhere on the forms do they ask for any form […]

Paint Creek Trail welcomes a new trail manager

By Megan Kelley Review Writer Early in October, the Paint Creek Trail Commission was in the process of interviewing candidates for the role of Paint Creek Trail Manager. After interviewing several people the commission unanimously decided on Melissa Ford for the job. Ford, a current Lake Orion resident, has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and […]

Election Buddies

Election Buddies

(From left) Doug Hobbs, Leann Lowe and Jodie Holden were at Blanche Sims Elementary on Tuesday, each campaigning for their respective sides of the Lake Orion Community Schools bond proposal. While Lowe and Holden supported the proposal, and Hobbs was against it, they all said they had a great time getting to know one another […]

‘Tis the season to be… spooky?: Lake Orion’s Halloween House

‘Tis the season to be… spooky?: Lake Orion’s Halloween House

By Megan Kelley Review Writer Halloween is a special time of year for many people. It’s a time for candy, dressing up, spooky decorations and just all around fun. What’s not to like? In fact, it’s so popular that even here in Lake Orion there are dozens of all out decorated yards and houses and […]

Michigan State House of Representatives 46th District

Editor’s Note: Two candidates are running for the 46th District seat in the Michigan State House of Representatives. They are Republican John Reilley and Democrat Mindy Denninger. Mindy Denninger (D) Age: 53 Municipality of residence and number of years you’ve lived there: Oxford Township, 19 years Current or past occupation: Senior Lead Product Engineer for […]

Board of Education alleges program cuts if bond fails

By Megan Kelley Review Writer The Lake Orion Community Schools 2018 bond has been a very prominent topic in this district for some time now. The bond proposal is for $160 million and has been avidly promoted with a “no expected tax rate increase” which would keep the millage at 7.491 mils, by keeping the […]