A new you through self-talk

The New Year is fresh! This time of year it is a common practice to want to change your life up a bit. You may want to give yourself a fresh start in a new job or begin a new diet or exercise program. If you are interested in digging deeper into spiritual living, you might be setting up a quiet dedicated space to meditate. Whatever you are looking to adjust in your world remember to add self-care to your self-improvement list.

If you have friends in your life more than likely it is because you are kind to them. You probably have gone out of your way to listen to them and support them during times of need or stress. When you see them you do not tell them their hair is bad and needs fixing. And most likely, you would never tell them their clothing looks bad on them because they are too skinny or too overweight. Nor would you let them know there is a new wrinkle that has appeared. If you spoke negative words to them they would soon move on to a new friend.

In general, we are usually very good at helping others feel good about their lives. We do not stop to meet them for coffee and say, “Oh, wow, you need a dye job!” Instead we look beyond the physical. We listen. We give them time to express their thoughts. We find things to make them laugh and, while they are talking, we are coming up with positive words to help them feel better about themselves and about life. That is the kindness we give to others, but often to ourselves we can be harsh and unkind.

Upon looking in the mirror at our own reflection, we can take on a totally different thought process. Instead of saying or thinking kind, positive words to ourselves, we might think or say: my hair looks awful, my lips are too big or I wish I looked differently. Some people may look in the mirror and not even see their reflection because they have, long ago, given up on seeing themselves.

In this new year and starting right now, I ask you to look in the mirror and see the new you! All those negative thoughts and negative self-talk are in your past. Do you know that someone is listening to all your words and thoughts? That someone is you! Your brain and your sub-conscious mind is always listening and always creating your experience. It is always creating who you think or say you are.

One of my favorite authors is Louise Hay and she shared: as you go by a mirror look in it and say I love you. Try that! How does it feel to you? One thing most everyone is very good at is thinking negative thoughts regarding themselves. So, it may take some practice and intention to do this work. If it makes you a little uncomfortable, keep at it until it feels okay. If other negative self-talk pops into your thoughts when you are doing your mirror work, rephrase them by erasing the thought and replacing the words in a positive way. In time, the negative will become less and less.

A new you will involve self-care and self-care involves the taking care of you! Maintain your living areas so that they are clean and organized, making it easier for you to move around. Be sure you cover the main concepts of regular bathing, cleaning of your clothes, eating well and resting. And, if you WANT a dye job on your hair, get one without saying, “Oh, I really, NEED a dye job!”

In Unity, we know the power of faith is more active in our minds in the month of January. We know new beginnings are not always easy so add the practice of having faith in yourself. This month is a good time to set new goals for a new you. Begin by making a list of your good qualities. No worries if you only have a few things on it. Keep the list and tape it inside a cupboard where you will find it at the end of 2019. After you spend this year working on improving your self-talk for a new you, you will find, there are additional, good qualities to add to your list. Your reflection will no longer just be a person moving in the mirror. You will easily see your goodness. You will treat yourself better because you will finally see yourself!

Many blessings for a new and fabulous new you and year!

Linda La Croix

Prayer Chaplain & Board President, Unity of Lake Orion. See Her FB Page, A Spiritual Walk, for uplifting posts.


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