Attend village planning commission meeting and ask questions about Moceri development

There is a Public Hearing of the Village of Lake Orion Planning Commission at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 6 at the Lake Orion Schools Administration building.

There is a scheduled open house prior to the meeting for the developer to present and answer questions about the three projects proposed for the area between M-24 and the lake, from Heights Road to Flint Street.

These projects are proposed as three to four stories high and an almost continuous block of buildings, two deep, on each site. Everything that is there now will be gone.

While we have heard little from the village government about this, it appears none of these proposed developments meet the requirements of the village zoning ordinance and Master Plan.

They will add considerable traffic to the lake, streets,and sidewalks. They will add storm water runoff and potential pollution to Lake Orion. They will substantially change the nature and appearance of Lake Orion.

Please consider attending this meeting and talking to the developer, village planning commission and anyone else available to find out what this means to the future of the Village of Lake Orion and surrounding Orion Township.

It is important and will set a precedent for what happens in the future.

Cory Johnston
Lake Orion

2 responses to “Attend village planning commission meeting and ask questions about Moceri development”

  1. John, how long have you lived “in the Quint Village of Lake Orion ?” for me ” 1/2 a block outside village boundey lines, 87 plus years and have read about the changes planned, drawn up, paid for, before any public meetings (one lane round about) were held, then again I can not dig deep enough to prove what is in this reply, that is only for the boys with the investment monies (about 18-10 yrs profits made) out and gone ready for new projects in the (Quint Village of Lake Orion) at one time known as Dog Town, WHY I don’t know I wasn’t here yet. John I could type on and on but it would be like recycling towlet paper, enough for now.

  2. It is important to attend and be involved. Its equally important to state substantiated facts and not just spread lies to provoke people into NOT hearing the facts.

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