A casino would have been nice

A casino would have looked nice in the old Kmart location.

I worked there for two years. It has two floors. The first floor could have been used for a barand dance floor. It has plenty of room for tables and slot machines. People could have played bingo and poker.

The location is ideal. It’s better than driving to downtown (Detroit) and it would have brought in billions of dollars.

I call it thinking outside the box. Think about it. It would have brought some fun to Lake Orion.

J.P. King

Lake Orion


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  1. Roy Blankenburg   April 28, 2021 at 6:05 am

    J.P., TWO STORIES ON OLD K-MART STORE ????? When did this happen, I helped Bud Davis and Marsh Wilson wire the store for telephone service, NO 2nd FLOOR.


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