Your words have power

Years ago, while shopping for groceries at dinner time I overheard a mother who was not speaking very nicely to her child. I recall thinking: it’s dinner time and the young child is probably hungry, mom’s appearance looked like she was on her way home from work, both are tired and words are being said that cannot be taken back.

Can you relate to either the child or the adult?

One of the thoughts we share in Unity is that our words have power, especially to our listening ears.

If you have never thought about that I invite you, for a moment, to think about how you feel when someone says something not nice to you. All too often people use words that create disharmony and they think nothing about the lasting effects these unkind words will have on the other person.

Do your best to not take them personally. Those who speak poorly of others generally have a poor view of themselves. It is always easier to switch the energies of a situation to the other person rather than correcting our own behavior.

If all people would look at their words and their tone of voice when they speak, including their own self-talk, there would be more harmony in our world.

If you decide to change your own self-talk here is your challenge; take a day where you commit to listen, really listen to your choice of words.

As you hear yourself say unkind words, or words that do not build you or someone else up, stop yourself. Tell yourself to rephrase that. Then say it again in a positive, kind way. See if you feel better or see if you notice others around you behaving better or began acting differently.

In time it will become apparent to you that by changing your words other people will seem to be acting nicer to you than they have in the past. Whether your angry, frustrated or upset when you hear negative words, stop, breathe in and tell yourself; “Oh, I rephrase that” and instead use ________ (a positive more harmonious word).

Once you change the words in your vocabulary by rephrasing, you will begin to notice the unkind, demeaning or hurtful words while you are still thinking them. It will happen long before they come out of your mouth.

In the beginning it might surprise you how many times you have to tell yourself to rephrase your words. Careful as they are coming out; don’t choke on those old unrewarding words.

Remind yourself that you have chosen a new way to be. Your brain is smart it will catch on fast and it will become easier every time you do it. Soon, you will also notice how much happier everyone around you becomes, including yourself.

You can make this change by activating the personal power that resides inside you. It is not a power like that of a super hero, nor is it a power that makes you better than anyone else.

The power that lies within you is an individual power that allows you to change your self-talk through the awareness in your mind. Use it to build up yourself and others by deciding to change the way you speak.

Use your faith, strength, wisdom and love to create words that uplift you.

When you begin to do this process it will surprise you to learn that by your own words you had previously set yourself up for failure.

As you begin to uplift yourself your life will improve and you will easily begin to uplift others building better relationships and friendships.

Ephesians 4:29(NIV) “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who will listen.”

Love & Blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Visit her website,, and Facebook page: A Spiritual Walk.


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