With Orion Twp.’s 5-Year Master Plan changes, the slogan should change to ‘Where Living WAS a Vacation’

Dear Editor,
The future of Orion Township will be determined at a meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. July 6 at Orion Township Municipal Complex, when the Orion Township 5-Year Master Plan is on the agenda.
I expected a public hearing would follow the May 18 Open House when this plan, as drafted by contractor Giffels-Webster and the Orion Township Planning Committee, was presented.
With regional transit, diversified “attainable” housing and designs fitting URBAN areas — including a new higher density zoning status — it seems the Orion Township Master Plan was designed to meet the globalist agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF), not what is best for citizens who appreciate our natural resources, woodlands and wetlands that provide habitat for so much wildlife. We need to use a Land Conservancy to protect our environment from urbanization to ensure our slogan remains “Where Living IS a Vacation.”
Citizens can go online or email tgirling@oriontownship.org to send in comments in advance of the meeting. The entire Orion Township 5-Year Master Plan should be REJECTED and our current plan continued.
We do not want our region based on the World Economic Forum (WEF), the elitist think tank whose objective is to “democratize manufacturing,” also known for stating “In 10 years you will own nothing and be happy. What you want you’ll rent, and it will be delivered by drone.”
On May 12, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved sending $3 million to WEF, and on June 23 they approved an Oakland County Land Bank – and this year’s tax sale of foreclosed Oakland County properties is to be done online only by Aug. 12, by another subcontractor.
All communities that have Oakland County tax foreclosed properties must have declared a “First Right of Refusal” to ensure local control, otherwise it allows global interests to buy up our wetlands for development.
American citizens must voice their objections before they no longer have a voice!

Kathryn Kennedy
Lake Orion

Editor’s Note: Oakland County plans to donate $3 million in total over three years to the U.S. Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, backed by the World Economic Forum. It will be hosted at Automation Alley, a technology business accelerator in Troy, Michigan.

2 responses to “With Orion Twp.’s 5-Year Master Plan changes, the slogan should change to ‘Where Living WAS a Vacation’”

  1. For the record and according to the Orion Township website, there is a Planning Commission meeting on July 6 to discuss this and a public hearing at the July 20 meeting where it will again be discussed. Based on normal procedures, a determination of the Master Plan will probably not occur at either meeting. The meeting information for July 6 contains comments from many people who are against what is proposed, or at least what they think is being proposed.

  2. ….and so it starts. I’m sure the Deckers and Hauxwells and even the Scripps families of yesteryear would shutter in horror if they saw the new Township offices or M-24 but it needs to stop somewhere it needs to stop now.

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