Who Am I?

Why have I incarnated into physical life? What am I to do, who am I to be, and what direction or destination brings you and me together today?
Lives cross for a reason. Life has a pattern unknown to us yet it weaves its threads like a net bringing people together. So today, destiny brings us into connection here through The Lake Orion Review.
Who am I to be and what is the purpose of my life? We all have one and I suppose there are many different ways to live out life’s purpose. Just as there would also be many different lenses to view them from. (Find your own, don’t worry what others think of your purpose.)
Perhaps one can live a full long life never being aligned with their purpose. Maybe life holds no destiny for us, but, oh my goodness what a false belief this can bring up!
From my research, teachings, and connections with others, I have come to this understanding; the only flow of purpose available to us in life is the flow of energies we have picked up from knowing God. Yet, amazingly enough many people have chosen not to bring their God self-forward and into full expression.
In life, each of us has a number of reasons we can make up to not know God’s energy. It’s more like excuses we let get in the way or use for not exercising our God self. (Hint: everyone some time before their life ends finds this energy, and the truth of it.)
Jesus, our way-shower, became the one greatest source for all to learn and grow in their Christ identity. Breathe that in and let that thought flow throughout your entire being. Think about putting that to work daily; God, as source energy, moving in and through your entire being.
When you just sit still with that thought, peace will fill up within you. Taking what I call a cleansing breath will allow the breath of God to enter in creating life-sustaining oxygen. What could be better than that? The feeling rests in you then of a calming peace.
As you feel more centered with your God energies, should a thought pop up that is a distraction, or one that blocks God’s source of flow, ask yourself how important that thought is? Stop your thoughts by asking yourself ‘Do I want this material world or the physical world to overcome my spiritual living?’ And, affirm peace and calm is who I choose to be.
Always affirm positive words like: “All that live in my household, people or pets, pick up my energies. I breathe in God’s breath and am calm therefore I live in a home where peace and calm abides.
I ask: Who am I? Who did I come here to be?
Answer: My purpose is love, the love of God in human existence. I came to have a purpose in life of helping to bring knowledge to those who want to listen. To teach this love brought down from heaven above.
In that moment of awareness and deep inside one can feel the heart opening. Just as if the commonly known “third eye” was present in that space, showing me and giving me the knowing that within me and the awakened you. The you ready for acceptance of who you really are, is the Christ in us, the Hope and Glory of all mankind.
What a wonderful fulfilling feeling to seek and find that the peace we want to live is already within ourselves. We demonstrate it. We are it, and I have come to show them where it is. How to find it, how to be still in the moment with it and generally to allow each of us to accept this love and all its goodness. For we have no need to receive love outside of ourselves. (Save this for sharing times.) But in life pray for all mankind to outpour their internal love within for other’s success. For another’s good to show and for their good to be the first choice they demonstrate and demonstrate openly.
When we live in this manner we allow God to flow out of us.
Taking care of others, being kind to others, letting go of how you expect others to live and accepting them as they are is the only way for you , me and any of us to bring God into full human form. Anything less is limiting the power of God within us. Limiting God, limits our lifetime and its quality.
What is our purpose? Who are we?
Our purpose is to express God. We are the greatest living and fullest expression of God energy in existence throughout our life. Being this extends our life and its quality.
Your purpose is before you, be sure to live it!
Love & Blessings,
Linda La Croix
Unity Director
Unity of Lake Orion
Visit her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, for more uplifting insights.

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